Clearing & repairs for blocked drains in Toowoomba


Blocked Drain — Plumbing Maintenance in Toowoomba, QLD
Is your water backing up? There’s likely a blockage in your pipes that’s stopping water from draining properly. Call our plumbers in Toowoomba to investigate. Commonly caused by buildup in the drain, with items such as toilet deodorisers, sanitary products or tissue getting caught, a blocked drain requires attention fast. Roots growing through a crack in the pipe can also lead to a blockage.

  • Gurgling or gulping noises when the drain is in use
  • Water rising in the toilet bowl
  • Water draining slowly from a sink or bathtub
  • Bad smells coming from the drain
  • Water overflowing from external drains

Here at Toowoomba Maintenance Plumbing, we’re able to clear blocked drains with ease. Our qualified team is even able to complete limited access repairs, and clear drains as small as 40mm in diameter.

With access to specialised equipment such as pipe cameras, locators and water jetters, we can identify the blockage and its location, then get to work removing it. We offer a range of repair options, including clearing the blockage or excavating the pipe to repair broken sections.

Call us today to have blocked drain cleared quickly and easily.