Trusted plumbers for blocked drains & burst pipes in Toowoomba


Toowoomba Maintenance Plumbing provides a wide range of plumbing services for your home or business. Our experienced plumbers can take on any job, no matter the size, and are often able to perform all repairs on the spot!

Not only that, we’re the recommended installer for Aqua4life water filtration systems, which remove close to 100% of the sediment and bad taste found in general tap water.

Call us today for a quote for a quote on affordable repairs in your home or business.

Blocked Drains


Is your water backing up? There's likely a blockage in your pipes that's stopping water from draining properly. Commonly caused by items such as toilet deodorisers, sanitary products or tissue getting caught, a blocked drain requires attention fast.

Here at Toowoomba Maintenance Plumbing, we're able to clear blocked drains with ease. With access to specialised equipment such as pipe cameras, we can identify the blockage and its location, then get to work removing it.

Burst Pipes


Waking up to a flooded home or business is never fun. If a pipe has burst from water pressure, rust, or simply poor installation, we can stop the flow of water and fix the break.

Our team has a range of tools and spare parts on hand in our fully equipped vans which enables us to repair or replace your burst pipes fast. We even do emergency repairs 24/7, so call us now!

Taps & Toilets


When your taps or toilets are leaking or running water, the result can be an increase in your water bill. Additionally, the longer you leave a dripping tap, the higher the chance of your pipe work being damaged, which in turn shortens the life of your tap. Water leaking from the base of the fixture can also cause water damage to vanities and cupboards.

Toowoomba Maintenance Plumbing is able to repair or replace old and worn components of your taps or toilets, often on the spot. To avoid skyrocketing bills, wasting water and lasting damage throughout your home, call us as soon as you start to notice something wrong.

Water Compliance Checks & Efficiency Certificates


If you own an investment rental property, then passing the full cost of water consumption on to your tenant is logical.

In order to do this, you will need to have your property checked and certified that it complies with water efficiency regulations.

Our team has the experience and qualifications to check your property and issue these certificates to allow you to pass on water consumption costs.

Renovation Plumbing


Renovating allows you to create your dream kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Being able to relocate sinks, taps and other outlets will allow you to create your dream space.

The Toowoomba Maintenance Plumbing team has the skills to take on the plumbing needed during your renovation.
Additionally, we can perform disability plumbing modifications for customers who have limited mobility or require better ease of access.

Water Meter Installation


Have a water meter installed in your home or business by one of our skilled, specialised plumbers.

An individual meter is the best option for a house or place of business, where a split meter is better for large unit complexes or high rises, as it allows each occupant to only pay for the water they use, rather than an ‘average' water price, calculated on all occupants' water use.

Disability Modifications


In recent years, we’ve branched into the specialty area of disability plumbing modifications, and our aim is to meet the needs of those with a physical disability or limited mobility in the community to ensure they’re able to access bathrooms easily and independently.

We work productively with other professionals in the community such as care agencies, carers, and even the families of those who may not find it easy to use conventional bathrooms, such as the elderly or those with a physical disability.

All quotes and invoices we provide for this kind of work are provided with compliance to care agencies and funding bodies.

We’re able to install such features as:

  • Step-less showers
  • Non-slip floors
  • Grab rails
  • Access ramps
  • Personal alarms
  • Baths and basins
  • Toilets
  • Wet rooms

Gutter Cleaning


At Toowoomba Maintenance Plumbing, we know that sometimes small tasks such as clearing the gutters get away from us, whether you're time-poor or unable to access the roof—so let us take care of it for you!

Not clearing your gutters regularly will lead to a build-up of debris, which can lead to water coming through the ceiling when they're unable to drain, a higher risk of pest infestation, and dry debris can create a fire hazard.

If you have a water tank on your property, clear gutters give you the best chance to collect as much water as possible each time it rains.

For professional gutter clearing services, call the team at Toowoomba Maintenance Plumbing today.